COVID-19 Technology Solutions

In this time of crisis, InputHealth is offering its technology platform and services to any group whether in Canada or beyond which feels they can benefit. Please follow along below to see how we apply our technology to address the imminent need for virus tracking and surveillance.

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1. Facilitate online booking of initial screening/triage & follow-ups.

Avoid unnecessary physical visits where infection can be spread to vulnerable peoples. Avoid the inefficiency of having phone lines overloaded. For patients who are capable, allow them to book their virtual visit themselves via an online system and/or app. 

  • easy web and/or app based booking
  • live schedule availability 
  • patient completes questionnaire immediately on booking
  • appointment reminders built-in



2. Collect high-yield data directly from the patient.

We have a built-in questionnaire engine which allows for multi-modal (SMS, e-mail) distribution of questionnaires. Data capture wherever possible should be done by patients in an unassisted fashion and remotely.

  • easy to build custom data collection tools
  • easy to distribute
  • collects data discretely 
  • can be scheduled on repeat frequency (for monitoring)
  • multi-language support for patient

3. Conduct efficient initial visit as virtual.

We want to prevent unnecessary physical visits as much as possible. After the patient is registered, our platform allows easy video visits to occur. 

  • supports secure video and/or audio
  • has online chat screen
  • can assign tasks to patients during virtual visit (like completing a questionnaire)



4. Track patient flow like air traffic control.

We use the "Kanban" methodology to help monitor patient flow in an effective, visual fashion. Patients can be moved from phase to phase based on enforced protocols (e.g. daily questionnaire must be scheduled before moving patient into home quarantine). 

  • visual format easily track patients in a prioritized fashion
  • analytics to identify deficiencies/gaps

5. Automate scheduled data collection for quarantined/home isolation.

Active daily monitoring happens through scheduled questionnaires sent to the patient directly.

  • alert system for worsening symptoms
  • alert system to care coordinator if they do not respond
  • populations structured data and allows for tracking of patients on individual and aggregate level



6. Feed data into live visualization dashboard.

All data collected through the platform is aggregated live into visualization dashboards. 

  • live surveillance data 
  • identify gaps/deficiencies rapidly
  • customize reporting dashboards as needed
  • easy export into CSV and other common formats


Give us a call at 1-888-369-3643 or alternatively e-mail us at Our support team is available Monday through Friday from 8AM to 8PM EST.