InputHealth Virtual

Expand your reach with a secure virtual care platform designed to increase convenience and quality.

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Convenient for both provider and patient.

High-Quality Video

Connect with your patients through secure, reliable video connectivity.

Secure Messaging

Provide superior care through secure, two-way messaging with patients.


No plug-ins, downloads or additional software required. All you need is the Chrome browser.

One integrated calendar for virtual and physical visits.

We offer a complete solution which enables you to expand the scope of your existing physical clinic to include virtual visits (e.g. for follow-up visits to review results). Other products require you to simultaneously run separate systems creating inevitable scheduling and documentation chaos.

With InputHealth Virtual, you’ll have one calendar and documentation system for your entire patient population.



The follow-up visit, reimagined.

Improve both patient and provider satisfaction by converting your follow-up visits into virtual visits where appropriate and clinically indicated. Utilize our integrated questionnaire engine to triage patients into the most appropriate appointment type. Increase efficiency, but not at the expense of quality.

Built-in patient portal with messaging.

Integrated patient communication functionality is not an “add-on” to the CHR, rather it’s an integral component of  the platform. Offer your patients a simple, secure portal to access their files, notes, online booking and messages sent from your clinic.



Augment your physical practice, or go fully virtual.

We recognize that different providers will have widely varying needs in their virtual care implementations. InputHealth V can either expand existing workflows in your practice with virtual capacities, or alternatively allow you to standup a completely virtual practice with global reach. Talk to one of our product specialists today to find out what is right for you.

Integrates effortlessly with the CHR for true practice optimization.

Take advantage of the CHR’s impressive features in synergy with your virtual practice design. Whether you’re integrating encounter templates, online booking or the dynamic questionnaire engine, you have an end-to-end solution to support you as you expand your virtual waiting room and drive increased revenue to your practice.


InputHealth offers a platform that was able to adapt to my virtual practice needs over time. Now that it’s fully implemented, I can’t remember how I was working without it!

Dr. Kate Stone
Dr. Kate Stone Director, Bellview Medical Centres

Virtual is not the future.
Virtual is now.

With an estimated 30% of medical visits being converted to virtual over the next three years, have you defined your strategy yet? Connect with a product specialist today to build an exceptional experience for your patients.

Bank-grade security.

We integrate gold-standard security practices in our HIPAA-compliant platform.

Minimal Hardware/Software Needs

Our only requirement is a WebRTC enabled browser regardless of device.

Feel supported.

We provide accessible, friendly and insightful support through live-chat, phone and e-mail.


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